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Tibetan Singing Bowl Store

Hello, my name is Edwin and I would like to welcome you to our Tibetan Singing Bowl Store. We endeavor to offer a world class selection of Tibetan Bowls, Tibetan art and ritual items to our website visitors.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Store is a subsidiary of Go Global Corporation PTE LTD which is incorporated in Singapore. All of our Tibetan bowls are 30-50% off retail pricing with free shipping worldwide.

Additionally, I prefer to work with the local suppliers in order to obtain traditional hand crafted Tibetan bowls and ritual items. This benefits the local economy and also my website visitors obtain the highest quality craftsmanship available.

Inspiration for the Tibetan Singing Bowl Store

My  inspiration for this online Tibetan store is 10 years of website development experience and extensive travels through Asia. In Asia, I had the opportunity to study Buddhism and visit the most venerable Buddhist temples. I was awe inspired by sculptures and ritual items that I discovered. Everything seemed to be imbued with a rich history that transcended the superficiality of modern living. However, it was not only what I saw in the Buddhist temples but also what I heard.

In some of the temples I visited I was captivated by the tranquilizing Tibetan singing bowl sound. At the time, I did not understand why but it seemed to put me in a trance. The sound was so strange at first, but the tranquil feeling it induced seemed completely natural and I really enjoyed it. But what was it about this exotic discovery that was to tranquilizing?

Introduction to the Tibetan Singing Bowl

For thousands of years harmonious sound has been used as a holistic form of spiritual growth and healing. For many centuries the entrancing sounds of the Tibetan singing bowl music has echoed through the deep valleys of the Himalayas.

Thanks to modern technology enthusiasts can now listen to the harmonious sounds of Tibetan bowls during their meditation practice and everyday tasks. Although there are sound recordings available, the most beautiful harmonies can be created with your own two hands.

Each Tibetan singing bowl for sale was handmade by the same artisans who have been supplying the Tibetan monasteries for a thousand years. Indeed, the artisans in Nepal have been the preferred source of the Tibetan monasteries for many centuries. Hand crafted Tibetan bowls are geometrically perfected in order to induce the perfectly harmonious sounds.

The production skills of the Nepali artisans have been protected by family castes and passed down through many generations. As a result, you can have a monastic quality Tibetan singing bowl sound echoing through your home or office. Please allow me to eliminate the language barriers, logistics and travel expenses.

The Science of Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing

The Tibetan singing bowl sound is imbued with universal harmony. This is the basis of other harmonious sounds such as Tibetan chanting. However, other natural sounds such as waterfalls and ocean waves also have this mysterious universal harmony.

The mind and body are attracted to harmony and it induces tranquility. This eliminates stress and discord for which we have a natural aversion. But this aversion is not only based in our desire for convenience or pleasure. 

Indeed, all matter in the universe is made up of energy which simply vibrates at different rates. Harmonious vibrations indicate healthy matter and disharmony indicates a malfunction. As a result, harmony is very important for health.

If the energy in our bodies is disharmonious it can indicate the presence of a serious imbalance. Disharmony can manifest itself spiritually, mentally and also physically. This manifestation can appear in the form of physical disease, mental disease and depression. However, Tibetan singing bowl healing music can help to harmonize the imbalance and make the energy healthy again. 

Tibetan Singing Bowl Benefits Chakra Balancing

In ancient India, health disorders were believed to be based on an imbalance in the body’s energy centers called chakras. Ancient medical practitioners traced the source of the disorder to the 7 main chakras identified as the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

Additionally, each chakra was identified with specific organs and health disorders. As a result, the therapy would focus on correcting the imbalanced chakra. By correcting the imbalance it could cure the diseased organ and also improve the functioning of the other chakras.

Once identified, the chakra in disharmony could be rebalanced by targeting it with specific Tibetan singing bowl music tones to which it is most responsive. Indeed, the harmonious sounds of Tibetan bowls physically impact the entire body and certain sounds reach certain areas more effectively than others. This is because sound, like the body is composed of vibrations which is a physical phenomenon.

Indeed, Tibetan singing bowl meditation chakra healing has been used for millennia to rebalance chakras and treat disease. It is a proven scientific fact that stress can cause mental and physical disease, there is no question about this. If you can reduce stress then you can prevent disease. This remedy is most effective because disease is prevented before it starts.

As a result, reducing stress will prevent disorders from occurring and also effectively treat existing disorders. Tibetan singing bowl meditation chakra healing is felt and also heard. Therefore, practitioners are quickly converted into believers.

Health Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Music

Western science is just now catching on to what ancient eastern civilizations have know for thousands of years. In fact, highly respected oncology units are beginning to implement holistic sound therapy to treat life threatening diseases. Indeed, not only is Tibetan singing bowl music for deep meditation it can also be used to treat cancer. Western medical practitioners are finally acknowledging the benefits of a holistic approach.

In addition to the Tibetan singing bowl healing therapy it also has practical everyday applications. This is because the mind operates much more efficiently in the presence of harmonious sound. As a result, ones presence of mind, attention span and creativity are greatly enhanced by the harmony created by a Tibetan singing bowl. A relaxed and harmonious mind makes concentration easier and the benefits become more attainable.

The healing vibrations from singing Tibetan bowls can correct imbalances in the body and also prevent disease and disharmony.